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Wutzl Harvest Report

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The conditions for the for the vintage 2019 have been great. The winter 2018/2019 brought enough precipitation in Austria. So the soil was able to accumulate a high amount of water during that time. Spring was knocking at our doors quite early and the warm weather accelerated the budding. The vines grew quickly and vigorously. A dry and hot summer followed and fortunately we always had stronger rainfalls when it appeared that the water supply for the vines would become scarce. The grapes developed perfectly and a warm autumn with cold nights began to drive forward the physiological ripeness and aromatic complexity of the grapes.

We began our harvest at the 16th of September with the variety Chardonnay. Almost all of our grapes, which are destined for quality wine, are picked per hand as we believe that picking manually is more gentle for the grapes. Moreover, it allows us to execute a rigorous selection process. Thus, we need a well-educated harvest team.

In the second week we have harvested our Zweigelt grapes for our light and fruity Rosé wine. The grapes were just flawless. These grapes have been picked per hand and the whole clusters have been pressed. We do that as we aim for a light & fresh Rosé character.

At the 27th of September we received the Grüner Veltliner grapes from our single vineyard “Ried Steinsetz”. The grapes were conform with our wishes: as you can see on the picture below the grapes on the shadow side were more greenish and had a great acidity structure and the more yellow grapes came from the side which was facing the sun and had this typical spicy Grüner Veltliner aroma. 📷

Towards the end of our harvest we picked our best Riesling grapes for our Riesling Reserve. In a few words: Exciting taste, still good acidity level and a few dried berries on the grapes with concentrated content. The yield was low but the outcome should be of outstanding quality.

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