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The earth does not belong to mankind, it is mankind which belongs to the earth. Element in this holistic vision are the men and women of our team who take full and constant care of what nature has created and, with passion and competence, transform it into high-quality products. The Caiarossa team consists of a staff of professionals and skilled workers who, during the year, follow all of the vineyard operations and the cellar work, from fermentation all the way to bottling. They are aided and supported by a division in charge of sales, logistics, and communication. At Caiarossa, it is evident that oenologic culture looks beyond the Alps and could not be otherwise with an owner (Eric Albada Jelgersma) and a general manager (Alexander Van Beek) whose principal focus pivots on the two châteaux in Bordeaux: Château du Tertre e Château Giscours. Lorenzo Pasquini is in charge of the task of selection and supervision of the winemaking, manager and enologist who graduated in Pisa and Bordeaux, besides boasting precious work experience in Bordeaux and Argentina.

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