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A good wine is born in the vineyard, thanks to the characteristics of the soil, exposure to the sun and the climate. Obviously these natural factors are enhanced by the hands of the winemakers who know how to enhance their qualities. The area known as Bussia is a "cru" recognized for the production of wine, in particular Barolo. This clayey soil is in fact rich in mineral salts which are transferred from vines to grapes and finally to wine, enriching it with structure and complexity. Also undeniable is the fatigue that is still required today for workers, perched between the rows, where the use of mechanical means can hardly be introduced. However, the slope, to the detriment of comfort, enhances the quality of the product. The eyes and the hands of the peasants take care of the vineyards and their fruits, which grow in the summer months, are colored and mature, condensing intense flavors and aromas, slowly transferred to the wine during winemaking. Every phase, in the vineyard and in the cellar, plays a fundamental role, which is why wine is essentially a balance between natural factors and commitment. The bottles produced every year in Costa di Bussia are obtained exclusively from the 11 hectares of vineyards that embrace the cellar. The map below represents the subdivision of the currently cultivated vines and it is incredible how each portion has its own geo-climatic characteristics that must be satisfied both during seasonal work and during vinification, and then find them also in the glass.

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