Laurent Talagante


Maipo Valley

Brand Overview

I grew up among vines and barrels, I remember that I always accompanied my grandfather to fill the barrels, the smell of cava brings back memories, I think that's why I never left him. That is why I ran the family domain of Chateau L'Escart in Bordeaux for 12 years together with my wife Lorena (Chilean) who had just arrived in France at the time. Venturing out, we looked for a “terroir” where we could freely express our passion. Attracted by the beauty of the landscape, I discovered incredible potential in the Maipo Valley. The dream came true, the vineyard was planted in 2008 with strict French quality control. In 2011 we designed our functional and different winery, the small volumes allow us to work on the different qualities and types of wines. With oval cuvas we manage to express the quality of each terroir. Along with this, the barrel cellar is low at ground level, so that the atmospheric pressure naturally helps the aging of the wine.

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