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Discover Our Global Community of Family Producers

Consortium Imports is a Florida Importer & Distributor

Our dedication lies in sourcing the best quality wines from around the world that speak to us through the vineyard, people, region, and what we sense in the bottle.  We strive to provide the best quality with in every region we operate, along with the respect to best winery practices. We hope to one day be associated with the greatest importers and distributors, so that when they see Consortium Wine and Spirits on a label, they will immediately associate it with quality. From vineyard to warehouse, we use the highest standard in transportation and storage, preserving is as important as producing, so that when our customers and their guests enjoy our bottle of wine, they are assured that the wine will arrive in the best condition possible. These practices are done to not only provide the best customer service to our customers, but most importantly to our winery partners.

Our Brands

The epitome of quality, passion, and a sense of place are uncovered in every bottle of wine, more so in the glass. The hands, the hours, the late nights, and early mornings are what our brands represent. Our portfolio of family wineries are mostly estate fruit are sourced from ten countries and over fifty growing regions. The wines are cultivated with balance, integrity, and finesse while producing the best value to quality balance in the market.  Our wineries represent new and upcoming winemakers, to wineries and winemakers that are generational.  These highly respected wineries from around the world have won awards and have a history of being nationally and internationally recognized for quality and consistency. We are as proud of them, as they are of what they live to do every day. 

Our Story

Consortium Wine & Spirits is a newly founded importer and distributor located in Miami, Florida. Founded by wine enthusiast and industry leader Jean Paul Varona and real estate developer Hector Garcia. Although each arrived on different paths, they both share the same goal. Sourcing quality and family driven wines from around the world, that we believe need to be enjoyed across the United States.

Our Imports

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