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Our Story

Consortium Wines has a very acknowledgeable importing program. Our experts travel to different countries and regions hand selecting some of the finest wines to import into our program. The wine & spirits selected tell a story of the different parts of the globe. 

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Growers are the root to the process. These folks are in charge of growing the grapes that produce the wine. The wine growers provide each vineyard or winery with the raw materials, the grapes, essential to the wine making process. 



The DNA of Consortium lies within the families and the people that create these wines with their everyday passion for the vineyards, tradition of winemaking, and will to share their wines with the world. Our producers have been hand selected by the panel at Consortium based on the merits of how each wine shows a sense of place, “Terroir”.  Sourced from all regions around the world, we are proud of what each one represents. 



Our merchants are the people who are engaged in selecting the finest products that our growers and producers have to offer. These individuals are well experienced and have a universal palette for all of those to enjoy. Our merchants select each and every product with precise detail and flavor, we pride ourselves on selecting only the finest wine and spirits for our customers to enjoy.

Providing confidence and moments of enjoyment within every glass. 

To source the greatest wines from around the world through amazing experiences and providing the best quality wines to be enjoyed with family and friends. 

Our Leadership 


Hector Garcia

Chief Executive / Founder

Hector's passion for the food and beverage industry led him to meeting Jean Paul. Hector and Jean Paul hit it off from day one, began the venture of traveling the world, and personally handpicking all the wine selections that are being represented today.


Jean Paul Varona


Jean Paul Varona has over twenty years in the overarching hospitality industry with almost 15 years in Commercial Beverage. All this experience led him to founding Consortium Wine and Spirits.

Our Experienced Sales Consultants

Consortium Wine & Spirits is home to some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. Our Sales Consultants have knowledge that expands from the hospitality industry, to working on vineyards. This group of consultants puts emphasis on selling the family orientation and culture of each wine. We take pride in our selections and our consultants are more than happy to share the brands story. 


Appreciate, empower and respect our employees, our customers, and our partners.

Customers | Partners

Provide and anticipate our customer needs, with respect and sincerity.


Provide the best tools to ensure the quality and passion behind every label and in every bottle.


Lead with the entrepreneur heart in mind, lead with what is right. Be proud.

Our Imports

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