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"In an area which is naturally suited to their growth, 77 plots of vines are scattered throughout a very large hillside estate of 500Ha (1200 acres). Here and there they make up small terraces opposite Mount Sainte-Victoire. Vines have been cultivated there for several centuries. Patiently, in harmony with nature and the woodland surrounding them, men have made and used the tracks to cultivate the vines wherever they gave the best grapes. The terroir is that of the new appellation Sainte Victoire, and is an ecosystem known since Roman times for being particularly favourable for growing vines. Within it Chateau Grand Boise is the estate at the highest altitude, with its vines growing from 300m to 640m (1000 to 2000ft) above sea level. The combination of this altitude with good exposure to the sun gives beautifully fresh wines with excellent balance. No fertilizer or weedkillers are used. The known origins of “the Grand’Boise” as a wine estate go back to 1610, which is the date of the earliest title deed discovered. It was in 1879 that the three estates (Grand'Boise, Cabassude et Les Brunets) come together to become one. Traditionally family owned, the estate has only changed hands three times throughout its history. Under the influence of its new owner, the estate has recently been drastically renovated. No expense has been spared to provide it with high quality and efficient equipment and methods. 800 olive trees were also planted on a 3 Ha (7 acres) plantation."

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